What is your COVID-19 Policy?

The Riviera Theatre follows both State and County health and safety protocols. As of 2/10/22, masks are not required to enter the

What is your COVID-19 Policy?2022-02-10T09:59:18-05:00

Is there a Lost & Found?

Yes, if you think you left a personal item behind, you may call or visit the Box Office during our operating hours

Is there a Lost & Found?2019-03-13T11:42:36-04:00

How long will the performance be?

The majority of our shows usually range from 90 minutes to 2 hours in length. Most shows do have an intermission but

How long will the performance be?2018-05-30T15:03:18-04:00

Is there an elevator?

No. We do not have an elevator. If you cannot climb the steps to get to the Box Office, simply ring the

Is there an elevator?2018-05-30T15:01:57-04:00

Can I take pictures?

This differs depending on the show. Please pay attention to the announcements prior to the show to know exactly what is allowed

Can I take pictures?2018-05-30T14:57:58-04:00

Do you sell alcohol at shows?

Yes. We do sell beer and wine at most events. There are separate bars for cash or credit. We do not sell

Do you sell alcohol at shows?2018-05-30T14:56:41-04:00
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