The Riviera Theatre and Organ Preservation Society Board of Directors is seeking applicants for
consideration for a vacant seat on the theatre’s Board of Directors. Board membership entails serving:

  • At least one 3-year term;

  • Attendance of our monthly meeting;

  • Serving on at least one committee;

  • Actively working to sustain and grow the organization by donating your resources, knowledge, skills, and time.

Our ideal candidate is someone who has passion for our mission, a belief that the Riviera Theatre is performing a vital and relevant function in the community and has skills and experience in any of the following areas: organizational and financial management, accounting, fundraising, law, marketing or public relations, commercial contractor and strategic or long-range planning.

Applicants are invited to email an application (in PDF form) to: , or by mail to the theatre and 67 Webster Street, North Tonawanda, NY 14120. The Application shall consist of the prospective Nominee’s (a) current resume, (b) at least two (2) references which may or may not be affiliated with the Theatre or its Board, (3) a personal statement as to why the prospective Nominee wishes to be a Director, and (4) a statement identifying the contacts, resources (in-kind) and other attributes which the prospective Nominee can bring to the Theatre.

Applications must be received by December 31, 2022.