YesSongs – The Concert: A Tribute to YES

Recreating this fantastic visual and audio, masterpiece, The Hype Touring Agency presents YESSONGS THE CONCERT! starring Phil Naro, John Kastelic, Matt Riddle, Mark Matthews, and Marty Zlocki. YESSONGS diligently receates the 1972 concert with stunning detail. If you like the Musical Box, you will love YESSONGS THE CONCERT!

YesSongs – The Concert: A Tribute to YES2020-02-18T10:31:26-05:00

Happy Together Tour 2020

Starring: THE TURTLES • CHUCK NEGRON formerly of Three Dog Night • THE ASSOCIATION • MARK LINDSAY Former Lead Singer of Paul Revere & The Raiders • THE VOGUES • THE COWSILLS -- This an evening of hit after hit…after HIT!

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The Chicago Authority

The Chicago Authority pays tribute to Chicago's legacy during a three-hour show that mimics the look and duplicates the sound of the touring band. You'll hear plenty of hits including: "Make Me Smile," "Saturday in the Park," "If You Leave Me Now," "25 or 6 to 4," "Hard Habit to Break," and "Colour My World." Celebrate a 50-year musical legacy and a new-again Hall of Fame popularity with a band that has been called "the best Chicago tribute band in the world:" The Chicago Authority! Photo Credit: John R. Witt

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Best Friend’s Girl: The #1 Cars Tribute

Best Friends Girl recreate the timeless hits of The Cars spanning a 35-year career, with over 23 million albums sold and having more than 22 songs on the Billboard top 100. The Cars undoubtedly left their mark in popular culture with notable hits like “Best Friends Girl,” “Shake It Up,” “Magic,” “Lets Go” and of course, “Moving in Stereo” which gained notoriety from its placement in the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Best Friends Girl are comprised of lifelong, top-notch, professional musicians whose goal is to keep the music of The Cars alive with every performance!

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Kiss The Sky: The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience

KISS THE SKY! - WORLD'S GREATEST JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE Through meticulous detailed re-productions in every aspect of look and sound in re-creating Jimi Hendrix’s most classic concerts & landmark stage show performances, KISS THE SKY is boldly presenting the world’s most historically accurate Jimi Hendrix tribute show EVER!

Kiss The Sky: The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience2020-01-20T12:36:48-05:00

The Land of Ozz – The Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Experience

Welcome to The Land Of Ozz – The Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Experience! A stunning reproduction of Ozzy’s solo material, focusing on the classic Randy Rhoads era as well as the prime Jake and Zakk years. And let’s not forget the origins – where it all begins – classic Ozzy era of Black Sabbath. This visual and sonic experience is brought to stages around the country by six seasoned and well respected musicians.

The Land of Ozz – The Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Experience2020-03-17T13:01:14-04:00

Return To Paradise – A Tribute to the Music of STYX

Return to Paradise is a high-energy, theatrical tribute show to the greatest band in the world, “STYX”. For over four decades, STYX has remained a staple on the radio and concert scene domestically and internationally as one of the greatest groups in rock music. “Return to Paradise” focuses on Styx’s trademark high-pitched harmonies, mixed with the dual-guitar assault, solid rhythm section as the driving force of talent with influential, flashy keyboards.

Return To Paradise – A Tribute to the Music of STYX2020-01-20T12:37:15-05:00

Peace Frog: A Tribute to Jim Morrison & The Doors

PEACE FROG is a highly acclaimed act that pays tribute to Jim Morrison and THE DOORS. Based out of Venice California, The Birthplace of THE DOORS, singer Tony Fernandez invokes the spirit of “The Lizard King” and delivers a powerful recreation of a DOORS concert experience. PEACE FROG transforms any venue into the kind of dark, mystical, hypnotic rock theater that made Jim Morrison and THE DOORS rock legends.

Peace Frog: A Tribute to Jim Morrison & The Doors2020-01-20T12:37:25-05:00

The McCartney Years

Hailed by original Beatles promoter Sid Bernstein as ‘THE BEST ON THE SCENE’, The McCartney Years is a period-true, technically stunning and explosive live concert show that performs the music of Paul McCartney spanning two decades from The Beatles to Wings.

The McCartney Years2020-01-20T12:37:34-05:00