An Afternoon with Cyril Wecht: America’s Forensic Pathologist

From JFK to Jon Benet... Dr. Cyril Wecht, America's forensic pathologist, will discuss the historic cases he has been asked to investigate (including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy) and other cases he has studied over the years. From the assassination of Robert Kennedy to the suicide of Marilyn Monroe, to the tragic deaths of Elvis Presley and Kurt Cobain, Dr. Wecht will provide personal insight into these historic tragedies. Other cases on which Dr. Wecht has consulted include Vince Foster, Laci Peterson and Anna Nicole Smith and many more.

An Afternoon with Cyril Wecht: America’s Forensic Pathologist2021-05-05T13:10:10-04:00

Best Friend’s Girl: The #1 Cars Tribute

Best Friends Girl recreate the timeless hits of The Cars spanning a 35-year career, with over 23 million albums sold and having more than 22 songs on the Billboard top 100. The Cars undoubtedly left their mark in popular culture with notable hits like “Best Friends Girl,” “Shake It Up,” “Magic,” “Lets Go” and of course, “Moving in Stereo” which gained notoriety from its placement in the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Best Friends Girl are comprised of lifelong, top-notch, professional musicians whose goal is to keep the music of The Cars alive with every performance!

Best Friend’s Girl: The #1 Cars Tribute2021-02-04T15:18:30-05:00

Artimus Pyle Band & Blackfoot

More than just a "tribute" to Lynyrd Skynyrd a tribute to the man that defined it. Artimus Pyle has said " If it wasn't for Ronnie, no one would know my name." Since his departure from Skynyrd in 1991 , Artimus Pyle's career has led him down an amazing path of solo records and projects culminating into one the finest tributes to southern rock royalty. The Artimus Pyle Band is a high energy, true to the music, and true to the era rock group. One of the few that is on the road today. Artimus Pyle, Brad Durden, Jerry Lyda, Dave Fowler, and Scott Raines are not only a group of friends and contemporaries but a group with some of the most seasoned musician in the southeast.

Artimus Pyle Band & Blackfoot2021-02-04T15:18:10-05:00

Always ABBA: A Tribute to Abba

Experience the music and the majesty with ALWAYS ABBA as they bring you ABBA’s greatest hits featuring Canada's finest vocalists and musicians. Relive the fun as you enjoy the classic looks and sound that made ABBA famous. ALWAYS ABBA’s impeccable vocals and stellar musicianship makes them the greatest ABBA tribute and offers a night you are sure to love, as your Dancing Queen is reborn.

Always ABBA: A Tribute to Abba2021-02-04T15:17:46-05:00

Bobby Rydell

Today, Bobby continues to entertain audiences with his biggest hits. He also performs favorites from The Great American Songbook written by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and more. Bobby’s skillful, artistic handling of these classics has drawn world-wide praise! HITS INCLUDE: WILD ONE - FORGET HIM - VOLARE - SWINGIN’ SCHOOL & WE GOT LOVE.

Bobby Rydell2021-02-04T15:17:14-05:00

Yellow Brick Road: A Tribute to Elton John

There is no other performer who looks and sounds so much like Elton John, nor any tribute act that provides the experience of being at an actual Elton John concert, the way Gerald Brann and Yellow Brick Road does.

Yellow Brick Road: A Tribute to Elton John2021-04-29T13:00:39-04:00

Peace Frog: A Tribute to Jim Morrison & The Doors

PEACE FROG is a highly acclaimed act that pays tribute to Jim Morrison and THE DOORS. Based out of Venice California, The Birthplace of THE DOORS, singer Tony Fernandez invokes the spirit of “The Lizard King” and delivers a powerful recreation of a DOORS concert experience. PEACE FROG transforms any venue into the kind of dark, mystical, hypnotic rock theater that made Jim Morrison and THE DOORS rock legends.

Peace Frog: A Tribute to Jim Morrison & The Doors2021-02-04T15:16:57-05:00

Creedence Clearwater Survival: A Tribute to CCR

A unique opportunity to experience the rise of the legendary ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival'. Explore the story and music of the driving force behind the band; take a ride on the Bayou, from the beginning of the group, and into the solo career of JOHN FOGERTY! Out of the Fog Comes The Man, The Group, The Music, The Story!

Creedence Clearwater Survival: A Tribute to CCR2021-02-04T15:16:40-05:00

Happy Together Tour 2021

Starring: THE TURTLES • CHUCK NEGRON formerly of Three Dog Night • THE ASSOCIATION • CLASSICS IV • THE VOGUES • THE COWSILLS -- This an evening of hit after hit…after HIT!

Happy Together Tour 20212021-05-06T14:43:51-04:00

Kiss The Sky: The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience

KISS THE SKY! - WORLD'S GREATEST JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE Through meticulous detailed re-productions in every aspect of look and sound in re-creating Jimi Hendrix’s most classic concerts & landmark stage show performances, KISS THE SKY is boldly presenting the world’s most historically accurate Jimi Hendrix tribute show EVER!

Kiss The Sky: The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience2021-02-04T15:15:34-05:00
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