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Riviera Member Presale: July 5 @ 12PM — Public On Sale: July 7 @ 10AM. *Online ticket sales are closed 3 hours prior to events. Tickets will be available at the door, 1 hour prior to the event.

A Sensational Tribute to Sting & The Police LIVE – Born of a lifelong love affair with the music of Gordon Sumner (known to us as “Sting”), Mike Ferfolia’s SOS draws from the best of the best of Sting’s catalogue. No era of his music is off-limits. From the soaring Reggae-infused Rock & Roll of the Police, to the driving contemporary R&B-infused Jazz of his solo career, the S.O.S. Band covers it all.

Sting has consistently enlisted the skills of some of the greatest instrumentalists of our time to conceive of not only beautifully technical music but also songs and stories that continue to resonate with people around the world. He also continually evolves his songs with new and daring arrangements, breathing new life into them and exploring the depth of their complexity. As they’ve had such a significant impact, SOS is dedicated to reproducing the original recordings of those timeless songs. SOS promises to take you back to the moment you first heard and fell in love with your Sting & Police favourites.

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